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Enioy with NBK FlexiPay at 0% Interest Installment plan over 12 months on all repairs


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NBK FlexiPay

NBK FlexiPay with Gait give you the convenience to convert your high value purchases into 12 months installments at 0% interest.


Below are the requirements & Terms & Conditions:


1. All NBK Credit Cardholders with the revolving payment option are eligible for this service, excluding NBK Classic, Gold, Titanium, Laki Titanium and Dinners Club Credit Cards

2. Customers using 100% payment card “charge cards” and Debit cards are not eligible for this service

3. NBK FlexiPay service can be availed through the NBK FlexiPay POS terminal of Gait showrooms

4. The service is offered for 12 months tenure only and the number of months cannot get adjusted

5. The minimum amount to avail the service is 150 KD per purchase

6. No maximum limit is set

7. On customer credit card, total amount of purchase is on-hold by the bank and monthly amounts will be released back as customers pay them

8. After completing the NBK FlexiPay transaction, the Customer will be notified if their conversion to 12 monthly installments is approved or rejected

9. If approved, the customer will enjoy 12 monthly installments at 0% interest rate

10. If rejected, the 100% purchase amount will be deducted on their credit card as any normal credit card purchase

11. Customers can verify their card’s eligibility by calling NBK toll-free number 1801801

12. The Customer may request early settlement of the service at any time by contacting NBK Call Canter only (Tel: 1801801)

13. NBK reserves the right to reject any request without justification and Gait will not be liable for any claim arising from rejection

14. Partial return of FlexiPay transaction may be subject to cancellation of installment plan by NBK

12. Get 150 KD minimum service, 12 months.

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